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Genoom - Linked Family!

Genoom ( is a project of social network directed to the familiar surroundings. With Genoom it is possible to create our genealogical tree and to invite our relatives so that they participate contributing more data and adding more members of the family.

Therefore Genoom defines as an application Web 2,0 directed to construct familiar private networks. They are private because they can participate and only see the data of the members that belong to a same familiar network, establishing for it a maximum degree from which it is not considered that two people are related. Thus the privacy of the users is protected and the network in the true restlessness of a family is concentrated.

In addition to the personal data that can be enclosed a person (familiar relations, dates, place of residence, biography, works, etc.) emphasize the creation of photographic albums which they are possible to be shared with the rest of our network, applying in each case the privacy level that the user has chosen (prevailed, only direct family, family of blood or all the members of the tree). Also it is possible to position in a map the people of our family to have a vision of his geographic dispersion.

Continuously they will be sent new functionalities that remove the maximum party to the fact to have familiar private surroundings as she is the one of this same week: the Importer of GEDCOM has sent itself to facilitate the use of Genoom to all those users who are using other programs of genealogy.

The application makes an intensive use of AJAX, thought about the usability, and facilitating to the maximum the tasks that must realise the user.

Genoom is oriented to a horizontal public, that is to say, of all the ages. For that reason one will be frequently with users who by first use a social network. It is important to give to the majors facilities so that they know to them of intuitive form as acting and as obtaining and introducing the information.
Genoom is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, and shortly it hopes to also have the German. Our vision is that a social network of this type must be raised from an international perspective from the first moment because the families are distributed frequently in different countries and with different mother tongues.

The objective of Genoom is to facilitate “to discover, to remember and to share? all that one information that does of each somewhat unique family.