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SuperNova2007 is the perfect ally for its company.

SuperNova2007 Integra Copernica to its tools of Email Marketing

SuperNova2007 has reached a Copernica agreement ( to offer the services of software in Spain. The Dutch company has a tool of multi-channel communication and revolutionary database manager in the email marketing. 


With her, SuperNova2007 offers to its infinite clients possibilities of personalizing the communication with its own clients, not only concerning emailing, but also in SMS, landing pages, questionnaires, etc. The main characteristic of Copernica is that it automates action on the basis of the behavior of the users, and updates the data base based on how the clients interact. For example, if a client usually visits the section of trips the Balearics, and receives to newsletter, and clicks in a supply from trips to the Canary Islands, “the canary? system adds the interest to the profile of this client in the data base.


With all the functionalities that the tool allows, the data base of our clients always will be updated, higienizada, and segmenting with such precision, that each communication that the company realises with its clients will be absolutely customized with respect to each user, which increases the predisposition for the subscribers, which they constantly receive information of interest for them, increasing the openings, the entregabilidad, the clicks and the conversions.


A tool without precedents that the line of the success in the future marks of Internet.


Discover it with SuperNova2007!