SuperNova2007 is the perfect ally for its company.

Design Web

To create websites to size is what better we know to do.

Our team of professionals always has an ample knowledge and experience in the design Web and development of services Web using the technology more outpost and adhering to the best practices in usability and functionality. Whether you need the redesign a old fashioned Web as if she needs a new design Web starting off zero, we can help him in all the process. All our developments use our Manager of Contents who will allow him to modify with total facility his webpage whenever he wishes it.
  • Design Web to size

    We to size make designs Web with different proposals until the complete satisfaction from the client

    We design and maquetamos your Web in XHTML/CSS
  • System of content management

    We have the manager of contents simpler to use of the market. It changes to the texts and photos of your Web at a moment and without knowledge of computer science.
  • Design Flash

    Design and programming of animaciĆ³ns flash to size.
  • Optimization for finders and compatibility with navigators

    We create Webs optimized so that the finders index their content and with the principle compatibility between the different versions from existing navigators.

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