SuperNova2007 is the perfect ally for its company.


To present its services in more and more easy Internet.

By means of the definition of a marketing strategy online its company can present its services and products in Internet arriving at his target specific by means of optimized campaigns.
  • Optimization for finders

    We optimize the programming of its Web so that the finders can index of the best form their contents and to position them in the first positions of the results.
  • Email Marketing

    Design of email campaign marketing to promote its services through emailing.
  • Professional Newsletter

    Design and programming of newsletter professional that allows him to send its bulletins from safe servers, avoiding blocks antiSpam and being able to make an integral pursuit of the campaign by means of analytical of the shipments.
  • Home Google Analytics

    We form his account of google analytics and integrated the code in his Web so that it can obtain metric from total visits by means of this platform.
  • Administration Adwords campaigns

    We create and we formed his campaign of google adwords so that it obtains the greater yield of his investment in SEM.
  • Promotion in social networks

    Configuration of accounts of its company in the main focused social networks to its business. Campaigns of promotion branding in facebook.

    We work the data base with the purpose of to optimize it for the comuniación with the clients, by email, mobile, Web… We segment, we categorose, we personalized, higienizamos, and most important… we automated rules so that it is updated constantly on the basis of the behavior of the clients